This article is completely dedicated to all the recruiters out there. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, there might have been days where you have invested weeks on working on an open role, only for tossing the applications into the NO pile. Before you begin to think of all the ways to secure the upcoming demise of your manager, you should also consider that it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Launch Recruitment, we understand and agree that recruiting is a taxing job. To make sure that all the expectations are aligned, you must conduct an efficient recruitment meeting with the hiring manager before the job is dispersed to the potential candidates. Here are some tips for the same.

  1. Understand the primary reason for the job opening

To begin, ask yourself, “Briefly, what will this person be responsible for?” Not only it helps the hiring manager to understand the key aspects of the position, but it also prepares the recruiter with targeted information to relay to candidates. Do not worry, you will not sound silly. In a way, you will know the gist of the role and it also helps you in defining it in the same way the hiring manager does. Do not overdo it, just keep it true.

Secondly, determine that it is a newly created position or a replacement. If it is the former, what provoked such need? Why at this time? Is this because of a new product line or a customer segment that needs coverage? If it’s a replacement, does the manager need a clone of the person who needs to be replaced, or someone who wants to take things in a new direction? This information is solely for your benefit. Candidates do not want the details of why they are replacing a person who isn’t the part of the position anymore.

  1. Ascertain ‘must haves’ v/s ‘nice to haves’

We have all come across job descriptions who demands a fairy godmother to apply for a role. To avoid this situation, make sure to inquire what aspects take priority over others. Would a person who is perfect for a role but only a few years of experience would work? Or do they need someone who can just enter in and hit the ground running? There are many things to learn at work, but personality is not one of them.

  1. Identify target companies and industries

Savvy managers come with a strong command. A B2B sales job at your company may differ greatly from the way your competitor laid it out. So, enlist the companies you are going to make your hiring managers salivate over a CV and which one will definitely end up the in NO pile. Ascertain the top picks in your search and also find out if any of your employees who have previously worked for that employers. There is a likely possibility that they will reach out to your open position, particularly if there is any referral bonus comes with it.

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