The online advertisement industry is a competitive field which draws much attention to multinational companies.

As most of the people in the developed world have access to the internet, most of the businesses keep an eye on their online visibility to make sure they are still competitive.

Machine learning only becomes more influential

Recently, there is a machine learning system that measures how searchers engage with the websites which they searched for.

This system decides the search rankings by considering the qualities of content and backlink. So, having external assistance is necessary to provide SEO services that give companies a helping hand to boost their online visibility. Broadplace is one of the reliable options that helps improve the search ranking of a website.

In particular, there are two ways to improve the rankings–dwell time and click-through rates. The former is similar to bounce rate, because it measures the duration of time between clicking on a page and clicking back to the search results, while the latter refers to its literal meaning.


Guest blogging is less effective

Technologies advance from time to time, but the primitive rules do not change at all. The content and links remain the cores of optimisation of search results because the better the content is, the more the links will be received.

It is important to notice that influencers are not as valuable as adding one’s content to his website because this is how one’s online visibility can be boosted. All the external influencers are not the most important element.

 When quality trumps quantity

People tend to assume that SEO is all about putting the keywords into the website, then it will definitely drive more traffic to the website. In fact, the algorithms of most search engines change all the time to show the best result for the users. Only in-depth contents will allow the website to appear at the top of the search results.


Voice search is the new normal

Apart from the traditional way of searching, it is more common to see people using voice search, meaning that SEO matters even more because there are more channels to search for information with keywords in another way.

To maximise the benefits, perhaps it is useful to familiarise how Google Home and Answer the Public work to familiarise the content of voice search.

 Videos that count

It sounds like a cliché but a video is still the key for SEO. It is evident that different kinds of videos including webinars, video blogging, product demonstrations and explainer videos can boost the traffic within an instance. In addition to this, uploading videos on more than one video platform are also helpful to keep the website’s search ranking atop.

In conclusion, there is scepticism saying that SEO is not as important as traditional ways of marketing, but the above reasons must be persuasive enough to let everyone know that digital marking is still the top agenda for any international business that thrives in no time.