If you will ask people now a days “what is your realistic dream job?” A good number would tell you photography. This is no surprise because of popularity of social media like face book and instagram that people can now share their photos anytime and anywhere and not to mention that everyone now has a smart phone that has decent to very great camera that rivals digital cameras now a days and is the primary reason why digital cameras are now a dying industry.

Because of how compact it is that you no longer need to carry an extra gadget like a digital camera because you have a smart phone that can do what digital cameras do in a phone, so who needs them now?

Basic Photography Course singapore


Photography Workshop Singapore

Even with the depleting demand for digital cameras, there is a new movement in people learning photography even if they never really realized it. Taking selfies every day and editing it are like the main things in photography. People are actually learning photography whether they like it or not because of what they are doing every day.

If you are this person who takes selfies every day or the person that likes taking pictures with the smartphone and you realized that you are getting good at it and you are developing a good eye for photography, then why not enroll on the photography workshop in Singapore ?

Great place for photography

Singapore is a beautiful place to be, a lot of cultures, infrastructures and many unique places that you won’t find anywhere else and if you do find it anywhere else then it’s very far away from each other, but in Singapore all the places are very near. Park, malls, and shops you name it. This is also a good place for photography because there are a lot of great things in Singapore to hone those skills further.

If you want to take your skills up a notch, enroll in Unusual Expedition and for a formal photography class. Learn from the experts and have a good foundation in photography with the basics. Gain more confidence and reach for the stars, if you persevere enough your dream of becoming a photographer will no longer be impossible.