Team building is undeniably very popular among companies. The many advantages that it offers have resulted in its popularity. Apart from greatly benefiting the company, team building also offers great fun to the employees.

At the end of the day, employees have so much fun and go back with their mood and spirit greatly uplifted. It is to be noted that the team building activities has been revolutionized to accommodate current trend.

Archery tag is now a favorite among team building activities. Here are reasons why archery tag is a highly popular team building activity.

Archery tag enhances teamwork

Archery tag is an activity that requires teamwork between employees. Employees have no option but to communicate with each other to discuss strategies and to delegate tasks. Archery tag requires a leader to give orders to the other teammates based on their expertise and the teammates to follow the orders of the leader in order to win the game.

This situation mirrors the typical working day in a company where the leaders have to give suitable orders to the employees and the employees have to interpret the orders they receive to complete a task. The teamwork cultivated during team building will result in the betterment of the company by enhancing the teamwork between employees.

Archery tag emphasizes the goal

Archery tag is a very complicated activity. It requires absolute focus on the goal and the knack to follow instructions. On the contrary, games like tug-of-war are too simple and do not require complicated instructions to achieve a very difficult goal.

Archery tag requires teammates to band together, aim and shoot the bow while running. An eye on the goal, another eye on the feet, ears on the instructions is no easy feat. It teaches the employees to be alert at all times just like how they should be during work.

Archery tag shouts fun

Archery tag is an activity that shouts nothing but fun. Employees would not need to force themselves to have fun. Archery tag is very interactive, fast-paced and adrenaline-inducing that employees will get into the game before they know it.

It is highly likely that they will forget it is the team building of the company. The fun they had will reflect on the uplifted mood when they are back to work. As a result, a better working environment will be cultivated.

To sum up, it is beyond doubt that archery tag is one of the best team building activities there is.