While checking advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine, we all see the companies’ advertisements promoting their social media account. But, think how many of us bother to check those accounts when we visit internet looking for similar service providers.

Only few people would be doing this, the reason for the same is, we all know that when we will go on the internet and look for service providers in the particular field, we will get all the names that are market leaders. We will also get their accounts on social media, contact numbers and emails as well. So, why taking the pain of jotting down the address and contact number.

Now, check what happens when an asset management services Singapore provider advertise their product and services in the online directory. The person who is checking the details of the company will click on the link on the account of the social media at the same time and will have all the information in front of them.

So, this is how the company can promote their social media presence with the help of online listing.

In addition to this benefit, business online has many other advantages. One can collect information about other benefits of online directory from the experts in marketing and advertisement.

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