To get their two-wheeler insured adequately is mandatory by law for every auto/two-wheeler owner. Not doing timely renewal or failing to get your vehicle insured can be penalized by the Indian road traffic authorities.

Additionally, to be eligible for various policy benefits including the coverage, discounts on premium, NCB bonus, etc., it is essential to renew the policy before the expiry date of existing policy.

Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance

The various types of two-wheeler insurance plans available include:

  1. a) Own damage cover for two-wheeler
  2. b) Third Party Liability Cover for two-wheeler

To renew your two-wheeler insurance policy, it is essential to make a quick comparison of available plans from leading service providers. Once shortlisted, read the terms & conditions mentioned on the website or approach the insurance executive of the company to understand the exact process of renewing your two-wheeler insurance policy.

Things to Do Before Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

The importance of two wheeler insurance policy renewal cannot be overemphasized enough. Buying/Renewing insurance policy timely helps the policyholder safeguard the vehicle during the event of unfortunate incidents such as accidents, fire, theft, third-party liability, theft, etc.

However, it is important to keep certain points in mind while doing two-wheeler insurance renewal. Some of these include:

a) Keep track of your existing policy

Keeping a track of your policy renewal date is one of the essential things to do before two wheeler insurance renewal. It is wise not to wait until the last moment as it can lead to policy lapse.

b) Reconsider the coverage

At the time of your two-wheeler insurance renewal, make sure to reconsider the coverage. You can either opt for lower or higher cover based on changing needs.

c) Check the accuracy of details/personal information

One of the essential things to do before your two-wheeler insurance renewal is to go through all the details provided to the insurance company and check for the accuracy of the information. If you find any discrepancy, correct it immediately for a smooth renewal process.

d) Choose the plan for renewal carefully

Make sure to choose the plan for your two-wheeler insurance carefully before renewal. Among the available options include a compulsory liability-only policy (covering various bodily injuries and/or death or damage to property of third party) and a comprehensive plan (covering both damage incurred to own vehicle and/or death or damage to property of third party)

Discounts on Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

There are several ways you can avail the benefits of excellent discounts while renewing your two-wheeler Insurance. These discounts offered by the Insurance Plans from various insurance service providers are an excellent way to lower the overall cost of policy through low premiums.

Some of the ways to get the advantage of discounts on two-wheeler insurance renewal include:

1. Always opt for online mode of policy renewal

Online insurance aggregators such as not only offer the benefit of comparing the policy offerings by different insurance companies to get the best premium rates, but also premium discounts on online policy renewal.

2. Choose the policy tenure wisely

One of the smart ways to get discounts on your two-wheeler insurance renewal is by choosing policies of longer tenure instead of yearly ones. Various insurance companies offer premium discounts in the range of 5-15% to the customer opting for renewals with longer policy tenure.

3. Take care of your two-wheeler

The insurance company you choose for policy renewal is liable to pay for various kind of damages sustained by the two-wheeler. Taking care of the vehicle by installing robust security features gives a certain amount of comfort to the service provider who, in turn, rewards the buyer with premium discounts on policy renewals.

4. Avail the benefit of NCB discount

NCB or No Claim Bonus refers to the amount that the policyholders get if they do not make claim on the policy in a given year. Customers can enjoy the benefit of increasing NCB discounts for each passing claim-free year.

For e.g., If you haven’t claimed No Claim Bonus for 5 consecutive years, you can get up to 50% discount on your two wheeler insurance renewal.

To Sum Up

Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal allows the policyholders to cover the huge cost/expenses for repairs in case of damage or injuries incurred during unfortunate incidents. With an easy online renewal process of various service providers at, you can easily renew your insurance plan as per your budget and specific requirements.