The crane supplier and construction and building business have a direct business relationship. People, who are in the construction business or building management system, need cranes to manage their work and make it easy. And to support the business, there are dealers present who provide crane and other big machineries for rent. One can take these machineries for rent for the specific time period or for the work once the work is done, it is again hand over to the dealer.

The business directory of building and construction business gives the information about such dealers to the people who are in the business.

Aerial devices to flooring dealers, everyone has the space in the directory

So, the business information books talk only about the business and it not only give the details of supplier and dealers who are directly linked with the industry, but also share the information of those dealers as well who are indirectly associated with it.

By using this platform anyone associated with the building and construction business can promote their product and services on the online platform without investing much cost.

Different features of business information book that make it so good

  • Directory carries complete detail about the industry. There is a news and article section present in a directory that carries information about the latest happening in the business in Thailand.
  • The directory carries details of all the dealers and service providers. The information about same can be found in various segments like company listing, supporting business, trade and event. Basically, the information book contains contact information of almost all the service providers from building management system service providers to those that provide the building automation service or access flooring service.