The main purpose of a bridging course is to prepare a candidate for attending an advanced course or job-oriented training program. In the case of an online chemistry bridging course, the candidates may have several goals. Most of the students attend such courses for getting admission at reputed universities in Singapore that accept applicants on the basis of an analytical entrance exam. The exam may involve complex theories and analytical questions that test the ability of the student in interpreting various dynamic concepts of chemistry. There are several online courses that help students in preparing for such entrance exams. Joining such online courses can help students in learning the subject through online lectures and notes. Students can download the lecture videos and study materials for future reference. In short, online courses are quite flexible and are perfect for students who are working as it allows them to prepare at their own pace. Online preparatory courses are cost-effective and the total fees payable are quite less compared to offline courses.

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Benefits of attending a long-term chemistry bridging course

  • A long-term chemistry bridging course allows the students to have a deeper understanding of various complex concepts of chemistry.
  • Most of the long-term courses have an expansive curriculum that covers various branches of chemistry. This gives the students an opportunity to master the subject in a better way. It also provides them more choices when it comes to selecting an advanced university course.
  • Bridging courses that last 1 or 2 years are quite beneficial for students who could not complete their secondary school exams. It also makes them eligible for joining international colleges and institutes. However, students should score well for getting selected by top universities.
  • Long-term courses usually require the students to attend regular or weekend lectures that last around 2 to 3 hours. This allows the students to pursue part-time jobs or other courses.