With more and more people now choosing local SEO companies such as SEO Company Lancashire, today we are going to be looking into why this could be. Local SEO is becoming more and more crucial to success and today we are going to be listing just some of the reasons why believe this to be. If this is something that you want to learn more about or perhaps you are trying to determine whether you need to start working on a local SEO strategy, we urge you to keep reading…

Back in 2014 Google started focusing a lot more on local SEO, realising the following points:

  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information
  • 50% of consumers conducting local searches on smart phones visit the stores within one day, compared to 34% of desktop searches
  • 18% of people making local searches went on to purchase items locally within one day

And since then, these figures have only grown, with Wordstream reporting in 2016 that a whopping 72% of consumers conducting local searches went on to visit stores within 5 miles of their location.

Local SEO is now therefore incredibly important, even for companies that are national and international. Even companies that sell to large amounts of places should spend some time working on their local SEO strategies to ensure that they are able to grab as much possible traffic as possible, remembering that many people now prefer to use companies that are local to them instead of companies that are half way across the country or world.

However, with more and more people realizing the importance of local SEO, local SEO is definitely becoming more competitive, especially since Google has now reduced the size of the local pack from 7 to 3 search results making it harder for companies to gain the local visibility that they desire.

What are you waiting for?

If you are a website owner looking to enhance your local online presence then you need to make a start right away in order to stand chance. If you want a local SEO strategy that works we advise you contact a leading Lancashire Seo Agency, Ranking Solutions Ltd who will be able to meet up with to discuss your needs and requirements.