Bing has finally released expanded text ads globally following numerous experiments that have been conducted since late August. Following this development, search engine optimisation agencies can now start launching longer text ad format in the websites user interface or Bing Ads API or Bing Ads Editor. You will also be pleased to note that it is possible to import ETAs from Google AdWords to Bing Ads Editor or Bing Ads web interface.

Other third-party platforms that are compatible with ETAs in Bing Ads include Kenshoo, Adobe Media Optimizers, Marin Software, Rakuten Marketing, and intelliAd. The management team at Bing went ahead and advised marketing agencies to test multiple calls to action, try different ETAs, and take advantage of ad extension setups to monitor their success.

Let us proceed and look at two primary benefits of embracing ETAs in your digital marketing campaigns.

Increased Click-Through-Rate

It is every web development agency goal to design a website that achieves a high click-through-rate. Results of beta experiments that were conducted showed that ETAs have the ability to increase click-through rates significantly. This, in turn, translates into more sales and profits. This new type of ads also provides customers with direct access to highly relevant content faster than the standard text ads.


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Added Copy Space

With the added copy scape, digital marketers can now come up with clickable headlines that stand out from the crowd. The additional characters may not look like much, but the results speak volumes of the impact that ETAs can have on online marketing campaigns. Digital marketers are now able to chip in more relevant and actionable words in the headlines without worrying about exceeding the set character count.

Clearly, Bing’s implementation of expanded text ads will have a positive impact on not only digital marketing agencies but also other companies that sell their products through the internet.