The healthcare and medical sector are two industries that still rely on tactics such as TV advertising and referrals to reach their customers, but professionals like the CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing, Alex Membrillo, and Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce, Matthew Hutchinson, are helping to change the face of medical marketing.

Below are a few of the highlights from The Marketing Cloudcast’s recent podcast that featured these two medical marketing trailblazers.

  1. The Anatomy of Medical Marketing by Alex Membrillo

Alex recently published a book called The Anatomy of Medical Marketing after spending a lot of time developing technology that would assist an industry with more regulations than most.

Alex created the book because he wanted to give medical marketers a comprehensive marketing guide that they can read through and refer back to.

The book is available on Amazon.

  1. Online Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Digital has become a key space for medical and healthcare brands because customers spend such a large amount of time online and expect the same type of experience across various industries.

Azuri Group is an digital agency specialised in online marketing for surgeons and like Alex, is passionate about helping healthcare and medical brands move into the digital space so that they can learn how best to market themselves in an ever-changing consumer landscape.

  1. Designing the Customer Experience

The key to being successful in the medical sector is to make your patients feel as comfortable as possible, something that a healthcare brand should be striving to do before a patient even walks through their doors.

Having to visit a dentist or doctor is not something most people are too keen on, which is why the image that your brand portrays online can help make the customer experience a lot more pleasant, helping you put your patients at ease.

Your digital marketing strategy is not just another marketing strategy, it’s your plan for building lasting relationships with your patients.

  1. Top Medical Marketing Tips

Alex shared the following advice during his interview with The Marketing Cloudcast:

  • Having a vision for your brand is one thing but unless you focus on getting the basics right, you won’t be able to achieve that vision
  • Your website needs to provide users with the best possible experience and should encourage them to convert
  • SEO is a key area to focus on if you want to drive targeted traffic to your site and generate a low cost-per-lead
  • It’s important to keep track of what patients are saying about your brand online, including Google Reviews, social media and major review sites
  • The brands who really make an impact in their chosen sector are the brands who aren’t just looking to follow industry trends but want to create industry trends too

Think about the changes you want to make in the healthcare and medical sector and build your foundation from there.