Planning to have a major event in your company? Or perhaps you’re thinking of a promotion or campaign, and you’d like to provide the best corporate gift for your customers. Either way, it would be awesome for you to see the latest customised gifts in Singapore.

These items should be awesome for you to look through and add as part of your door gifts and giveaways:

Stainless steel thermos

Want to bring some instant comfort to your clients? Then it would be awesome for you to hand out gift bags or door gifts which contain stainless steel thermos. There are top quality ones which are made of polypropylene, silica gel and stainless steel. You may also consider some printing options with your chosen corporate gift supplier.

If you’d like to add some more creativity with your chosen merchandise items, then there are also flasks available in different colours. Choose from lime green, pink, orange, violet or pure white.

Foldable tote bags

If you’re advocating for environment friendliness and recycling, then it would be a good idea to discourage the usage of plastic bags. A corporate gifts supplier can provide tote bags which may allow for logo prints, with a minimum of 100 orders. These are available in various colours, such as green, red, yellow, orange, blue, black and purple.

Plastic lunch boxes

Do you sell a couple of goods which relate to food? Then plastic lunch boxes should be awesome to gift your employees and customers. There are top corporate gifts suppliers which have these in different colours ranging from red, green, black and up to blue. About 100 pieces should be ordered at a minimum for these items.

Go techie with a Charging Multitool

Then again, you might be targeting technologically geared customers or potential clients to remember what your company is all about. This is where cool gadget giveaways such as a Charging Multitool can be handed out.

Among the latest corporate gifts, the Charging Multitool will be useful especially if you’ve forgotten your lead to charge your tablet or mobile phone. The item includes a USB, lighting connector and micro USB. This also has an extendable cable plus a compact case. The case may also used as a stand for the phone or tablet.

There are a lot of other items which you can consider to be part of your giveaway packs. See how they can make a good impression to your potential clients and current customers today.