Are you a novice to tap dance classes?

If yes, you’re going to love this article. We are sharing practical tips for you to choose the most comfortable tap dance shoes.

Your tap dance shoes should fit comfortably

I believe this is the most important factor to consider before your make up your mind and purchase a pair of tap dance shoes for tap dance classes. A pair of shoes that does not make you comfortable should not be considered no matter how nice the style is, how high quality it is and how cheap the shoes is. It is also good to take note that there is no need for extra space in a tap shoe unless you have other medical consideration. Even when you are buying tap shoes for your children, it is not encouraged to buying top shoes several sizes bigger than their actual feet as too much room in the shoes is dangerous. Tap dancing requires a good support. A loose shoe may lead to injuries in the dancers.

Going for high heels or flat shoes? It’s utterly up to you

Tap shoes are normally made from leather, plastic or canvas. Male dancers have no choice but to only go for flat tap shoes – Black-tie Oxfords are normally picked. For female dancers, we do not encourage you to buy heels for dancing, especially when you have just started attending a tap dancing class. A small tip here: Most of the dance schools prefer students to choose shoes with darker colours as they will suit any coloured attire or costume. Hence, you might need to consider the shoe colour too!

Dance in the shoes!

When trying the tap shoes, do not just walk around in them ensuring they fit. In fact, you should try a few tap dancing steps to ensure it is your perfect companion for dancing. After purchasing the shoes, do some stomping and toe standing in the new shoes whenever you are free. You need to make sure yourself is comfortable in the shoes before attending the tap dancing class.

In short, there is a myriad of tap dance shoes available in the market that comes with different styles and colours. If cost is not your consideration, you can go with the nicest and latest style as long as your feet are comfortable in it. Otherwise, go for a pair of shoes that are both cost and feet-friendly. Happy shopping!