When you’re organising a corporate event, you have a lot of things to accomplish. Aside from seeking for sponsors and inviting speakers for the event, you also have to attend to what might be the most challenging among all items – seeking for a suitable corporate event venue.

Some useful tips in searching for a great venue for corporate events in Singapore

Accessibility of the venue

It is important to consider the accessibility of the corporate event venues Singapore to ensure maximum attendance. It’s paramount to choose a location that is highly accessible by air, land, or rail. If your guests would include high-level execs and a number of VIPs, and you only have a single flight going towards the venue, many would probably not attend the event. You also have to ensure the valet parking and parking spaces for the guests. There should also be restaurants and bars nearby for the guests to maximise networking opportunities.

Availability of the location

Find out if the selected venue is available for the dates of the event. You also have to check whether the outer or the inner spaces in the venue are available. You also have to make sure whether it’s the peak season of the venue or not. This will have a huge impact on the location’s traffic and this may also preclude any opportunities for networking.corporate-event-venues-singapore

Consider the lodging and accommodation

When the venue for the event is not a hotel, you have to be sure that there are lodging accommodations within a short distance from the event’s venue. If it isn’t walking distance, try to check on any available shuttle service. If not, you have to consider the taxi or car services available for the guests.

The venue’s impact on corporate image

You have to analyse if the image of the venue detracts or aligns with the corporate image the company would like to impress. Try to factor in as well if the location aligns with the target audience of the company too. You have to keep in mind of the stakeholders and sponsors of the event. You might also want to check with the coordinator if there are on-site events that clash with your corporate event’s branding.