Copier machines are not only copier machines these days. They offer many other benefits and features such as printing, faxing, and scanning. And because this type of machine has become more advanced, it has become more difficult to choose a copier machine Singapore.

Copier machine in Singapore

The one thing that makes it easier and faster to choose the right machine is to figure out the needs and requirements of the company. With this being said, it’s important to come up with a checklist or some sort of guideline that will help to point out the machine you need including other specifications such as price, budget, and the location for it.

The Analog Copier

This is meant for those under tight budget and would only like to have the most basic services. Analog copiers are cheaper compared to digital and color copiers. Copies can be of high quality depending of course on the brand and the specifics of the copier.

The Digital Copier

This is intended for those who want to have more functionalities but still have tight budget. The digital copying machine usually has two or three features such as the fax and print features. They are priced between the color copier and the analog printer. These machines are more stable and they produce less noise compared to the analog. They also have better quality prints than the analog.

The Color Copier

If you are after a copier that’s highly functional, cheaper, and with the latest features, it’s the color copier that you need. This copier is also great for ad companies and those that make flyers, brochures, magazines, and ad campaigns that require colors.

This type of copier machines can be a good investment for business. These machines are equipped with three or four functions like printing, faxing, photocopying, and scanning. It’s good for large companies that require many of such services. There are copiers that include two to three functions while some have four to five functions.

Buying the Machine

After determining these aspects of the copier machine, you need to check on the size and the location for placing the copier.