Corporate housing Singapore is not a new concept but because Singapore is a business driven city and most that operates here are businesses with a good number of international brands and companies that found its home in the Lion city, it was only natural that they need a place to stay for their people visiting.

Visiting clients

Visiting in a sense that international companies have corporate travels and sometimes it’s not just for a couple of weeks but months to oversee a project, to close a deal, to build a new team and train them for a new business Corporate housing Singaporeprocess, things like that. Because of business needs companies might not be able to avoid such things especially if this are related to company growth, but the thing companies are concerned about for their traveling employees are the days or months or years that they will stay in that particular place.

International companies sometimes even buy a house or a flat for their employees to stay in for their business travels but this is not always the case in most of the countries that they operate in and as a result they, they pay more on hotels that charges for daily use. With corporate companies that have these kinds of set-up this is always a high concern on savings especially on travels of the people travel at the time. The solution for this is in the form of corporate housing, it’s not a new concept but it does help with the question if a company can save on travelling personnels, and yes they can because corporate housing is designed to do that and charges not on a daily basis but on a wider and longer scale that most companies prefer.

The costs

This are ideal for companies because it cuts down their cost and they can potentially save not just thousands per annul but millions on travel and stay in fees from hotels. If you need a corporate housing for your projected travels in Singapore for your employees, you can check out Oakwood, if you are not in Singapore they have their website for you to checkout and also to book your reservations.