Archery tag is a team sport that is played in the league style. This is a friendly combat sport that is played in the outdoor locations. You need a group of people to play this game. Each team has a group of at least 5 players. There is also a safe zone as a part of this game. Points are awarded for shooting any part of the player’s body, clothes, or equipment. If the opposing team is knocked down during the game, extra points are rewarded. Different elimination styles and rules of games are made to make the sport interesting and a learning experience. Archery tag in Singapore is a popular game for team bonding.

How companies can develop team bonding?

Having a good team is the core of every successful project. Having a group of people who bond well and work together makes it helpful to bring out the best of ideas and create something of value. Team spirit can be achieved when the group plays recreational sports like archery that bring out the healthy competitive spirit amongst the team members.

Extreme sports like archery tag help develop skills

An individual as well as a group can benefit when they play archery games together. Most of the sports centers come up with innovative games and strategies to help groups develop various skills that help them in their personal and professional lives. There are many 3D archery games that can be played as well. But it is only the real time experience of playing archery that is more beneficial for developing focus and various skills. You can also enjoy playing the old fashioned bow and arrow games. You will need a simple equipment for that. Most of the archery equipments are sophisticated with many adjustments and gears.