Every large enterprise needs an IT department. This department is responsible for building and maintaining the organization’s software needs. The various systems and tools that are used by different departments are constantly maintained and upgraded to suit changing business. This can leave a very complex mess when done in-house. This is especially true when a business or an enterprise starts small and grows big. The IT part of the business is not focused on at all initially. Businesses are more focused on growth in profits in the initial stages. It is only later, when the growth exceeds what can be managed by humans on paper, that the enterprise realizes the needs for processes. These processes can only be adhered to if they are implemented as a software system. The problem is that this realization too is implemented in a wrong manner. Each department begins implementing their own software systems as and when the needs arise. These systems are not in sync with each other. Management usually makes important decisions based on data. This data is meant to come in a clear manner from the software systems. But due to the disconnect between the various departments. Luckily in a city such as Singapore, there are consulting companies who can help a business. But sometimes even the best consultants can fix a completely messed up group of software systems. In such cases it is better to go for a complete replacement of all the different softwares with on integrated system.

ERP system software

Implementing an ERP system

  • Replacing entire working systems with an enterprise and implementing any enterprise software is not a simple task.
  • A good ERP consultant is necessary to perform a planned implementation in phases as the existing systems are in use by the employees.
  • A consultant will fully understand the existing processes and customize the enterprise system to implement those processes.