So let’s talk about cakes. There are two basic categories of cakes. The first category is made up of cakes that are made of butter or shortening. It also makes use of a leavening agent like baking powder or baking soda to let them rise. The second type is the foam-type cake which is known to rise because of the air incorporated in the beaten egg whites.

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The Butter or Shortening Cake Types

These are known as the classic cakes and they include the pound cake, the slab cakes Singapore, yellow, spice, white, and chocolate cakes. They can be used for the usual wedding cake to the multi-layered ones. This kind of cake makes use of shortening, oil, butter, and baking powder or soda. With this type of cake, you can mix all the ingredients all at once in a bowl. Making this kind of mix is as simple as using a box mix and you still may find it better tasting. The butter recipe is the best one to use for the towering cakes since it can make the cake more solid. Butter-based ones are considered when the butter is creamed until it is light and fluffy before all other ingredients are added. This entails beating for around three minutes. After which sugar will be added and beating continues for another three minutes before the rest of the ingredients are added. If you are going to bake many of this type of cakes you have to use a stand mixer.

The Foam Type Cake

Cakes of this type include the Angel Cake, Chiffon Cake, and Sponge Cake. These cakes achieve their high volume through beaten eggs instead of a leavening agent much like baking powder. The sponge type of cakes doesn’t make use of butter, oil, or shortening. This makes it a better option for someone who’s on a diet. The Angel Cakes are the most popular since they are fat-free literally and they only use egg whites. Yellow sponge cakes are prepared with the use of whole eggs. However, the other parts of the egg are added separately. Chiffon cakes also use beaten eggs but they’re not like sponge cakes that don’t use vegetable oil.