Marketing tends to come in two differentvarieties, whether it be digital online marketing or not. These varieties depend on the business itself, and their target audience.

There are many different ways of marketing, depending on the target audience. Online marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as the target audience is specified and the aims of the marketing campaign are clear. Depending on what kind of sector is being targeted to, whether it be business or consumer, marketing activities can be altered to best fit the industry.

B2B- Business to Business

In B2B  digital marketing, efforts are more likely to be towards generating leads with the goal of getting leads to speak to a dedicated sales team, who then convert them into clients. Marketing strategy is to attract and convert the highest possible quality leads. Efforts are likely to be focused towards platforms and sites that business owners are spending the majority of their online time, such as business news sites, LinkedIn etc.

B2C- Business to consumer

Marketing to consumers, depending on the price of the product itself,  if primarily focuses on getting users onto the website to then convert to a customer through a purchase. For consumers, this is mostly done without the user speaking to a sales team, they decide by themselves on whether or not to purchase. Within digital marketing, the main focus here will be the customer journey, from as soon as they reach the website, whether it be from a display ad, or search ad, to the moment they purchase with concentration on the website providing everything the user needs in order to convert. Within the marketing funnel, B2C marketing puts the product much higher up in the rankings of importance. There are often much stronger CTA (calls to action) in B2C campaigns,  as the ultimate aim is to get users onto the site and converting, therefore retargeting is also widely used and highly regarded by those in the field.

Most online marketing activities can be altered and changed in order to fit with the target audience, which is just one of the reasons marketing online has become so popular with businesses of all sizes and budgets.