Doors are some of the most-used parts of one’s home. Especially the main doors of the house, it countless opens and closes to let people in and out of your homes. That is why, you should make sure that you buy the right door and have it installed properly. However, in time, these doors can end up sagging or “sticking”, making it difficult to open or close it.  This could be very irritating and we’re sure you’d want to get rid of it the soonest possible time. But just how do you fix these doors though?

How To Fix Sagging and Sticking Doors? Contact door specialist in Singapore

There are many possible reasons why the door is sticking or sagging. It may that is why you have to eliminate the same to help bring back the good operation of the doors. But what should you do and what should you look out for in trying to fix these?

  • Tightening the Screws Holding the Hinge. Sometimes, an improperly installed door, worn out or loosely fit hinges can cause the doors to be sticky and sagging. So first up, you should check the condition of the hinges. Are these properly installed? Are the screws on the hinge loose? Screws can oftentimes end up loose over time. That is why it needs checking over time. When needed, replace the screws with longer ones to tightly fit the door’s hinges again.
  • Adjust the Hinges and Realign the Door. Improper fitting is one of the most common reasons why doors stick and sag. To solve this, you might need to adjust the hinge. While not totally adjustable, you can use longer screws to mount the hinges better, re-positioning the door.
  • Plane the Door. After tightening and adjusting the door and the sticking and sagging symptoms persist, then you should plane the door. Using specialized tools of carpenters, you can make measurements to determine how much planning is needed. Plane the door as needed and check every now and then if the sticking and sagging is corrected. Repeat these until the proper fit is achieved.

Sticking and sagging doors are very irritating indeed. So irritating that it makes you think about repairing the problem yourself. Even though doing the fixing yourself would make you think that you save money than calling an expert carpenter. However, you must remember that there are qualified door specialist Singapore that knows the right fix to put an end to all of your doors’ problems. Stop those squeaking and locking of your problematic door and call a carpenter now.