The benefits of media training

Equip your staff with a range of skills when enrolling them in a media training program. With preparation and a whole lot of practice, employees will always be ever ready in the eye of the media. Employees will gain media tracking for your organisation in no time.

News sites are constantly on the look out for powerful or engaging stories that can capture pools of viewers and listeners. Attending a media training program will also teach participants how to make themselves available and ‘seen’ in the media. When a figure makes him or herself available for queries from the media, he or she is positioning themselves in a way where consumers take note of what they have to say.

Media training helps individuals take note of their tone, words, and body language when addressing the public or a media outlet. Delivering a message to the public is so much more than just the words in a speech. It is about delivering the intended key message, preparing one’s self for difficult questions from the floor, and learning how to control the interview to favour you. With media training programs, individuals can minimise the risk of being misquoted or unprepared.

You will often get to practice simulations of being in front of a large crowd of interviewers from many news platforms. Assessors will see how you would control a situation by learning to handle different people and their approaches, and how to answer questions off-hand quickly and confidently. By enacting in these real life situations, your mistakes will reduce and you will be able to think off your feet while remaining calm and composed. This allows you to get comfortable for the real press conference.

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