The anti money laundering course is given to provide the knowledge of anti money laundering and how to prevent it. Such courses are generally done by the government for the social cause. The certification course is now available in Singapore.  As there is no such practice and it is a clean country in terms of money laundering. AML is done to identify the suspicious transaction.

How to enroll for the anti money laundering courses?

The ICA provides certification in anti money laundering provides in many countries. One can enroll for the courses as per the country. Visit the official website for more details.

Who can have this course?

This course is mandatory for all the individuals. In particular, it is for the people who are exposed to the risk of money laundry like gaming, casino, terrorism, racing, etc. There is a rule that all the workers of gaming are required to have AML courses. They have to take the course in every two years. If they fail to do so, there is a penalty charge on them.

All the gaming workers, casino facility, racing and entertainment center have to take care that their employees are having AML certifications. The certificate contains the training number and expiry date. They have to take training after the expiry.

Course details

The course has four levels, introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert level. They have the e-learning portal as well as class lectures. One can take as per the requirement. Candidates are free to take the exam as per their schedule. The exams are conducted online.

The goal of pursuing anti money laundering course

This anti money laundering certification course is done to train and educate people against money laundering practices. In India government has changed the whole taxation to stop the money laundering and to increase cash flow in the economy. The course focused on the prevention of money laundering.