A Singapore photo studio is the most significant place for any photographer to be able to work on their craft. For as long as the working area is compatible with the working environment required for the job, it would be easier for the photographer to be an artist.

It’s possible for a bride to be a queen, a senior high student to be forever young, and for a baby to stay little for life; this can be done through photography. However, this can only be possible when you set up the photo studio in the right way:

Some Things to Consider in Your Photo Studio


One way to make sure for the photo studio is whether it is should be floor-based or ceiling-based. This is referring to the type of lighting used for photography. When it comes to lighting the exposure compensation of the film is considered. For floor-based lighting, the lights are found on stands and the different backgrounds are found on supports. This can be tricky at times.trаvеl рhоtоgrарhу

For the ceiling-based lighting, the lights of the photo studio are on the rail system and you can find the background on rollers. It’s easier to work with this type of lighting compared to the floor-based type. However the floor based lighting is much cheaper compared to the ceiling-based type.


After the issues about lighting, background is the next factor to consider. Different photographers make use of everything from lattice to screens as backgrounds. For the various genres of photography, there are different textures and shapes that can be of great help.

However, it is usual for the photographer to use basic seamless paper. This is great for a photography studio but if it’s for a location photo shoot the paper would be too bulky for carrying.

There are other equipment that will help a lot in setting up your photo studio. One of them is the Photek’s Background-in-a-Bag. You can duct tape the backgrounds on the wall. They are handy since they can be packed in a bag. Muslin fabric is also a good background. This can also be used when traveling or inside the studio.