Any industrial sector be it food, drinks, consumables, electronics and medicine always look for good packaging solutions for their products to reach the target market in a safe and secured manner and also at cost effective means. Choosing the right packaging materials helps your products reach your audience in a perfect condition and makes them come back to you for more orders.  Packaging items also define the professionalism in your business.

Tripak limited are experts in packing materials in UK and across the world. It was started in the year 1980 with over 30 years of experience in this business. It provides packaging solutions for business and industry. The services includes manufacturing and packaging consumables to the industry. They aim to package and ship products to clients in any corner of the world at affordable rates. Tripak has a purchasing team which always keeps exploring technologies to maximize the production and profits of their customers.

Specialty of Tripak in Various Industry sectors

Tripak Packaging materials serves diverse industries and is the number one choice for top notch companies in UK. All the products offered from Tripak are cost efficient, safe and secure. Below are the various industrial sectors that enjoy the packaging benefits from Tripak.

  • Aerospace Consumables:

Tripak offers packaging materials like films, foams and high specification tapes that are used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft in UK and Europe. The specialty products include cargo pit tape, masking tape, fine line masking, PVC insulation tapes, high speed aluminium tapes, foams and stillages transport packaging.

  • Offshore Packaging:

Tripak makes and supplies all packaging materials such as mica tape, stainless steel strapping and cable ties, temflex cotton friction tapes, denso tapes, transport crates, cable bundling solutions, armouring solutions and bituminised hessian fabrics.

  • Pharmaceutical:

Products such as Bespoke boxes, die cut boxes, clean room tape and film, optically clear adhesives, polythene bag, sheeting and pressure sensitive adhesives that serve the pharmaceutical and medical industry in UK and Europe is offered by Tripak.

  • Electronics:

All range of products required for the electronics industry across Europe such as polyimide tape, optically clear adhesives, transport packaging and anti static bubble wraps, bags, foams and films are produced and sold by Tripak.

  • Food and Drinks:

High specification colored tapes, hygiene pallet covers, EVOH high barrier bags, security pallet wrap, heat shrink films, oxygen absorbers, plastic trays, liners and wicketed bags that serve the food and drink industry around Europe are manufactured and offered to its clients by Tripak.

A Short Successful Guide to Win in your business

Fresh food packaging keeps the food afresh for a long time till it is consumed by your customers. It prevents decay especially for meat and dairy products. Vacuum wrapping increases the shelf life of food without any doubt. Modified Atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the best way to pack cheese, salads and frozen meat.

When it comes to packing metals, use anti corrosion packaging. Use anti-static foams and packs for delicate items to prevent breakage. Use bubble wrap for fragile things. The inner packaging of electronic items must have padding to avoid rattling and keep it secure. Use Styrofoam wherever needed.

Last but not the least, make sure your item is custom wrapped to make your branding stand unique among the competitors and win the customers heart easily.