Of all the latest trends in the online space, Facebook has become the most popular site. The reason for Facebook’s popularity can be attributed to several factors. For starters, it has helped people connect with friends and relatives in real-time, which was not possible earlier. One can now connect with friends from the distant past. It also lets people know what their friends and relatives look like by sharing pictures. This has led to most developed countries such as Singapore very actively using Facebook.  The citizens of these countries are all in tune with the latest technologies and they also have the necessary knowledge of how to use social media. For example the citizens of these countries all have computers and are on the internet. With the surge in usage of smart phones, these people now don’t even need to use computers to be connected to social media. They can now directly access social media sites on their smart phones itself. This has led them to be online more than ever before. Thus, social media has become a very fertile ground for online marketing. A good marketing campaign must include social media marketing as a part of its budget. Some businesses don’t even use other forms of media for their marketing. All their marketing is done through social media.

Why to use an online marketing service?

  • There are several different channels that are considered when launching a marketing campaign for a product or a service.
  • Newspapers, magazines and other print media still exist, but most companies are not very favorable to them. Television is one of the biggest options. That too is fading.
  • With people spending more time on the internet, online, or digital marketing using a web design company is increasingly being seen as the best option.
  • This is also because very effective use of marketing budgets can be achieved.