Bakeries are the place where one can find all flour based food stuffs baked or cooked in an oven. These foodstuffs are considered as healthy because of less or no oil content in it. Moreover, the food of bakery remains healthy and ready to eat.

In Singapore, one can find a number of bakeries that prepares different types of foodstuffs like cookies, cakes, muffins and many other types of snacks. These bakeries could be found anywhere in the city. However, when it comes to finding the best ones, then one has to do little straining.

Bakeries that prepare halal food stuffs

At the time of Ramjan the people of Muslim community eats only the foodstuffs that are ‘Halal’.  Some of the bakeries in Singapore prepare exclusively the halal foodstuff. Thus, people in the period of “Roza” can take the food items from these bakeries to break their fast.

How to find a halal bakery?

For a new person, finding a good baker of halal is not that easy. But, with the help of a guide book or directory, these bakers could be easily tracked.

There is a business information book present on the internet that give information about all the bakeries that are present in the city and sell the halal foodstuff. Here, the person will get information about the bakers and the information includes contact number of the baker, its location, food items it sells, Google map and the feedback from customers who have taken the services of the bakers.

This way the business information book helps a person to find out the bakery that prepared halal foodstuff. In the information book one can find the details of almost all the bakers near to the area where the information seeker is living.