Before undertaking any kind of construction work it is essential to have a realistic idea about quality materials and equipment required for handling various processes. While hiring builders and contractors you need to have a detailed review of all the materials required for constructing your building. You should also be able to judge the quality of construction equipment employed. You have to check if your builder is using any old or used construction equipment that may breakdown often or require maintenance works. This can cause delays as well as increase the expenses. Hence, it is essential to go through all the aspects of the construction before hiring a construction company.

Construction materials and equipment

  • Construction materials include building materials used for making the foundation and structure of a building. For this you require materials like CEB (Compressed Earth Block), mud, bricks, sand, metal rods, metal frames, cement, cement composites, etc.
  • For construction work you need a steady supply of water and electricity. You would also need certain chemicals required for mixing various building materials.
  • The quality and speed of construction depend on the construction equipment used. You need to find branded equipment like a cement mixer, crawler dumper, soil compactors, compact lift, telescopic forklift, bar cutting machine, scissor lift etc.
  • You would also need secondary construction materials used for building various parts of the building like doors, windows and interior structures. For this you would need items like glass, ceramics, plastic materials, pipelines, electrical equipment and cables.

Where to find used construction equipment?

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