There are several local and international dealers in Malaysia that supply different types of construction equipment and supplies. So when you are planning to invest in expensive equipment like scaffolds, you need to check and compare the quality of supplies offered by multiple dealers before finalizing your purchase. There are various ways to evaluate the quality of a scaffold. Nonetheless, you can make an objective comparison based on the quality of materials used for building the scaffold. Aluminum and steel are the common base material used for building scaffolds. However, there are also scaffolds that are made of composite tubes, bamboo, glass fiber etc. Aluminum is light in weight but steel is heavier and sturdier. Composite scaffolds are expensive, but they are safer in the case of worksites that involve overhead power cables. Besides the quality of material used for making the scaffold tubes, you should also inspect the quality of couplers, boards, locks, wheels, fasteners, bolts and nuts Malaysia used for connecting various parts of the scaffold. When you are buying scaffolds you may also shop for reliable safety equipment for the workers, which include safety belts, helmets, gloves, goggles, and tool belts for holding various types of accessories and tools Malaysia.

Low-budget scaffolding in Malaysia services

  • For saving money on your scaffolds, you can find scaffold companies that make reliable bamboo scaffolds. In several Asian countries like Hong Kong, bamboo is a common material used for building large scaffolds. However, special nylon straps are used to tie the connecting points. So, you need to check all the junctions for any kind of wear and tear.
  • Buying a used scaffold has been always more economical than buying a new one. Used scaffolds are quite cheaper depending on the quality of the material and years of usage involved.
  • You can also hire a scaffold from a rental service that offers various types of heavy equipment and construction machinery on rent basis.