Gases are used for various commercial and noncommercial purposes. For domestic purposes cooking gas is normally used and people purchase it from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) retailers. LPG gas is also used for commercial purposes in industries. However, for industrial usage LPG gas is supplied in large quantities and stored in special cylinders. Apart from cooking and heating, gases are also used for various chemical processes in industries like iron and steel, petroleum, oil refineries etc. Oxygen is one of the major gases used in large quantities in various industries. Apart from that there is a steady demand for gases like hydrogen, nitrogen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, helium, argon etc.

Features and application of industrial gas supply

  • Industrial gases are commonly used by chemical cleaning companies that make use of various chemical procedures like air blowing, steam blowing etc.
  • Various gases are used in waste plants for treating different types of solid and liquid waste materials. waste disposal solution SIngaporeSimilarly, advanced ns also produce certain useful gases. These gases are generated from crude biogas.
  • Gases are also required in large quantities by industries involved in iron and steel production, petroleum refineries and plants manufacturing industrial lubricants.
  • Gases play a key role in various laboratory procedures and chemical researches. In places like medical institutes and research centers there is a steady demand for gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Where to look for a chemical cleaning companies in Singapore?

For finding industrial gas and chemical suppliers in Singapore you can rely on the popular trade directory of SG Process Industries. You can find the directory online that features a simple search option for finding the best companies supplying industrial products and services. The directory not only lists the companies, but also provides their contact details along with details of all the products and services offered by them.