Whenever there is an agreement that is being signed by different parties or if a single party is taking any sort of undertaking, the attestation becomes a true requirement in such an hour.

Attestation of Documents That You Might Need

  • Marriage certificate attestation
  • Divorce certificate attestation
  • birth certificate attestation
  • Commercial agreements attestation
  • Partnership withdrawal attestation
  • Clearance certificates attestation
  • Diploma attestation
  • Educational certificates attestation
  • Maid contracts attestation of individuals and much more

For the sake of certificate attestation in Dubai, the concerned parties have to visit the notary public courts in Dubai. For taking the educational, partnership, marriage certificate attestation, people visit the courts of the notary public. After that, they visit the Ministry of Justice which is followed by the last step of visiting The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In case of Dubai, you do not have to take an off from your workplace to get your documents attested, this is because you can use the proxy or can go to attest your documents by yourself. There are a lot of attestation services providers who have their offices open even after 8am. so, you can take HHS Lawyers help if you want to take the attestation services. Note that you can get the help of representatives after you are done with the first step of visiting the court. However, you can take your certified original copies in the morning.

Step One: Dubai Courts Notary Public (DCNP)

You need to take a minimum of 2 documents (original) with other original documents to the court. Also, bring all the documents in both the languages Arabic and English. All the documents should be translated properly and they should be stamped on each page as well.

Meet the notary after getting the token to get your documents verified. For meeting the second official, take another token so that your documents can get reverified and your sign gets compared.

Pay AED110 approx. for each of the notaries on the cash counter and get your documents from the second official. After that return, them to the notary so that he may store one of the original notarized documents in the archives. By getting attestation services in Dubai, your work will get managed easily.  You can also get the help of MOFA attestation services. Click on this URL https://hhslawyers.com/blog/defending-abuse-power-attorney/ Find out more about Power of attorney drafting and attestation.

Step Two: Ministry of Justice

For this step, you can send a representative as well. You will have to pay the fees of AED 52 at the reception. Get your documents stamped in a few minutes after you get redirected to another room.

Step Three: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In this step, pay the average fee of AED 150 per document at the ministry of foreign affairs.

Certificate Attestation for UAE

You need to make sure that you carry out all the steps of attestation for attesting your documents. If you find it difficult, you can take the help of a representative who will carry out the process of attestation on your behalf.