The Catalist-listed, the Israel-based company, the Trendlines group is a startup incubator. The company has invented, incubates and has also invested in agricultural and medical technologies (Medtech, Agtech). Trendlines is looking forward to deepen its presence in Singapore in the year 2017.

Imagine how beneficial this news would be for those who are associated with the medical industry in Singapore. This news can be a business opportunity for many that are linked with the business like measuring equipments Singapore suppliers, medicine manufacturers etc.

Such news is present in the business information book of biomedical science for those who are associated with the biomedical industry. And the information is not just limited up to the news, but one can get other information as well in the journal, like the contact number of the suppliers, the list of companies that are present in the field and actively working in the market of Singapore, information about suppliers who are providing related equipment, etc.

Contact number from precision machining in Singapore supplier to medicine manufacturer

A business person associated with the biomedical field should possess the contact number of all the suppliers that are present in the market. This helps them to get the product and services that they want on time.

In practice this is quite a difficult task for a business person to search the contact details of each and every supplier and maintain the list. However, the same information could be gathered from the business information book as well.  The book has got a section; in which details of all the suppliers can be found. The section is named as company listing. This is similar to what is called as an online directory. Moreover, the directory is available for all the areas of business, not just for Biomedical.