Company incorporation in Singapore is the same as any other companies out there in the world doing the process and getting the name. There isn’t really anything significantly different but forming it can be of a challenge to some.


When you are in a corporation (like most of the companies) you are all employees including your CEO or director. They have to answer to shareholders and investors and they get voted out in their own company. Remember what happened to Steve Jobs?

But it’s not always as worse as that and movies tend to twist realities a bit in order to get more substance out of it just like the “Social Network”. But let’s not get there and let’s not put ourselves in that situation because right now you are still going to start a company.

Starting a company or incorporation to be specific, you need more help not just money to start a business. Making visions and dreams into something that can be felt, see and experience by customers. with so many products and companies today, it’s hard not to be redundant and criticized that is why if you want to get e partner or a consulting firm you need one that understands and believes in what you are trying to build, a company that shares your vision and wants it to be a reality, a company that can offer you a fresh eye in looking at things and help you make your vision possible.

A great support

VentureHaven is that kind of a company. With their years of experience they understand business and knows what value they can bring to the table and give you the support and boost that you need in order to stay relevant in your target market. They specialize in company registration/ incorporation and the whole package. If you need a great support system for your company from start to finish check out VentureHaven, with how wide their scope is some companies only offer half or just a few of what they can offer. With Venturehaven you can be sure that you are in good hands because you know there is a company that you can rely on, so make that call now and discover the things that they can offer you.