There are many kinds of secretaries, some just does the usual secretarial duties but some are highly specialized and can even represent the boss and make significant company decisions based on the things that they do.

Company secretary

Some needs to be an accountancy major, an HR major with years of experience as a book keeper and such because secretaries are not just “the assistant” of the boss they are also the help and the link, the right hand and even the most trusted they can make orders because of the boss orders.

These things are what a secretary is, highly specialized, highly skilled but the definition of their job isn’t really a core function but their position does undertake a lot of things aside from very demanding bosses. Of you need a career that you can surely burn a lot of calories a secretarial job can be a good fit for you but let’s shove the jokes for now. Because no matter where you look at it they play a vital role in helping the company by helping the boss and directs them where they need to go so that there will be no partners that will get pissed, investors that will pull out, clients that will withdraw their support all because the boss stood them out. If you have various verbal, written and digital meetings do you think as a boss you can sort it all out? You can’t because sorting it and thinking about it is very challenging and you have a company to run, clients to please and people to pay.

Specialized role

You need a highly specialized company secretary, you can’t get a secretary that you see in various movies but you can certainly get a secretary that is reliable and can help you get your job done by directing you where you need to go every day. Can even be your trusted person to give you reports when you are away for a business trip or a holiday. VentureHavcen can provide you with such services, they have the best people that can cater to your company’s and your needs., their years of experience and wide scope of functions guarantees your success in every step, so make that decision and choose VantureHaven.