What are the secrets of a good short film? First up, movies are, more than anything, visual in medium. You also have to connect well with your audience, through a story that they can relate to. A filmmaker should be able to use all of the resources available to best tell the wonderful story that he or she has. These are the very concepts that were used in the making of the short film entitled “Hooped On You”.

The Plot

The movie has a very simple, and relatable story line. Here, the lead characters Wei Yang and Jia Min had been living their separate lives. One was a basketball player, the other is an attendant of a bubble tea shop. Tough Jia hates crazy Wei to the guts as the latter always annoys the former. Like some wicked twist of fate, it always seemed like they were ending up in situations where they will be together. There were lots of funny scenes in this short film. However, this seemingly light movie took a twist of fate with the conflicts concerning Jia and Wei. Jia was being wowed by a rich due who’s head over heels with her. Wei, on the other hand, can’t seem to get pass the negative image that comes with being an ex-convict.

These conflicts added much flavor to this sweet romantic comedy flick. A little darkness is always welcome to a rather light movie as it perfectly strengthens the argument about Wei’s love for Jia. A funny, light take on a story about two people discovering love in the most unconventional of ways. Truly, this is a great love story that can make people believe in love, and expressing love in the way that you’d never thought was possible.

Formulas For Success

The movie became such a good one because first, they were able to portray a story that happens in real life. They have presented valid storylines that appeal to people from different walks of life. The characters were memorable, lively, and fun to watch. The acting, while may not rival those of high-budget, full-length films, is effective enough to convey the message that the storyline has. The movie wasn’t at all boring as it was filled with twists that makes it more interesting. Finally, the end shows how some of the most complicated, or serious life problems can be easily resolved with love.