There are a lot of photography workshops in Singapore that promises you that you will be good at photography in no time.

Photography workshops

This is a growing hobby in today’s generation because of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and not to mention that everyone now owns a smartphone with a decent camera that they can use anytime. Of course there are people that will be contented with the usual selfie, groufie, food pictures, family pictures and the usual “moment” pics (just like a selfie) but there are people that outgrows this, developed a liking to photography and realized that even a phone with the highest specs can no longer do. Why? It’s because of hardware. Even if you have a 40 megapixel phone if you’re hardware is not that good you will still feel the limitation of your phone and if you ever held and used a DSLR or a mirror less camera you can really see the big difference in hardware not just in looks, results but also performance.

It may reach the time at some point that phone cameras can compare with a mirror less camera or a DSLR (entry level) but not for a hundred years so right now if you want to get the best shots and not get limited with your phone camera then it’s time to pick up a decent camera. Cameras can’t even just be limited to the pixels because the lens can be replaced to a bigger one so you know performance and results wise your decent camera will not disappoint.

The best photography workshop

If you want the best photography workshop in Singapore better check out Unusual Expedition. The people at Unusual Expedition will take you to places that you have never laid your eyes and lenses on. They offer a unique workshop that doesn’t just limit you in Singapore, they will hone you in ways that other workshops can’t and will not be able to, they will put your skills to the test and after they are done with you; you will be a fully transformed photo prodigy. If you are excited and want to know what I am talking about here then you should check out Unusual Expedition to discover what they can offer you.