William Lerner is best known as the President and CEO of iPark – the largest and most reputed family-owned parking garage in New York. The company was initially known as Imperial Parking Systems and was founded by William’s father. Today, it stands as a brand, and the credit goes to the man who has worked tirelessly for it for 20 years. Here is a take on his story.

Starting with business

Billy, as he is often called fondly known to many, started his business journey early when he accompanied his father to the parking garages. After completing his graduation from University of Colorado, Billy returned to business and started revamping and changing the operational functions, focusing extensively on the mix of technological transitions. He was also interested in expanding the company, for which he started working on different acquisitions, taking the number of facilities to over 100. Today, he remains one of the major contributors to technologica

l evolution in the industry.

Moving to charity


Right from the start, Bill Lerner was never happy with just numbers. He wanted to do more for a better world, and that’s when he had started doing charity work. He has worked with organization for more than two decades and is the founder of Billy4Kids. Billy4Kids is a special nonprofit organization, which works to offer and donate shoes for underprivileged children, so as to prevent many of the common infections caused from parasitic diseases. He takes active part in the activities of the organization and ensures that effor

ts are made to reach out other charities in the same field.

At the Annual Edeyo Gives Hope Gala in 2014, he was honored with the Humanitarian Award. However, he likes to maintain a low profile and doesn’t like taking of his success. “Only good work matters,” he had once said.