Throwing a birthday party that’s guaranteed to bring out the brightest smile in your child doesn’t have to be an exhausting process. With a few creative ideas and adequate preparation, hosting an event can be a piece of cake.

To make your child’s birthday a magical and memorable one, consider the following tips designed to guide you on what you should do:

1. Know what’s important to your child

As the celebrant, your kid should have a say in his or her own party. By not allowing your child to make a decision, you may end up leaving out important items and details which can lead to disappointment. For instance, if your kid wants his or her favorite superhero to be at the party, you can try renting a party mascot.

Let your child decide on a theme. Whether it’s an astronaut in space or a mermaid in the ocean, let your kid decide on his or her theme. The party should be a scene of your child’s choice with themed food, costumes, and decorations.

Asking your child what he or she wants for the party means everything to the celebration. After all, the purpose of the party is to make your kid happy so focus more on what he or she wants then plan everything out around it.

2. Outsource if you can

To save on time and avoid stress, hire a service that can handle all the party preparations for you.

While you may be able to handle sending out invitations and baking of the cake, other party factors such as the venue and entertainment can be quite a hassle. There are many party services available to fit your budget – all you have to do is look.

Depending on your available spare time and budget, you can outsource everything. This way, you can truly enjoy the party together with your kid and not have to worry about every minute detail about the event.

3. Choose a good venue

The first thing to consider when hosting a party is the venue. Will it be a small party or a big one with lots of kids running around? Based on the number of your guests, consider the best location where they can be accommodated comfortably and safely.

A party at home can be a nice alternative venue if you want a place where you can conveniently keep things in order. However, make sure to take a childproofing tour in advance to eliminate hazardous items and ensure there is adult supervision the entire duration of the party.

4. Make a checklist

By creating a list of the things you should do for the party, you can avoid forgetting important details, especially at the last minute.

Without a list, your brain will be crowded with lots of party information so you may forget to enjoy the event with your child. When everything is out of your head and on a piece of paper, it’ll be easier for you to delegate all tasks at hand.

5. Send out invites

Once you’ve finalized your number of guests, it’s time for you to send out the invitations.

You can get your child involved with this activity by letting him or her help in creating personalized invitation cards. You can make use of an invitation template, print it and decorate the invitations with any fun materials like stickers, glue, and crepe paper.

6. Plan the party activities

Discuss the kinds of games or activities your child wants to have at the party with your child.

Figure out the games your child wants to play and how they can fit into the theme. Any of the following activities can keep children entertained for hours:

  • Musical chairs and statues
  • Chocolate game
  • Treasure hunt
  • Piñata
  • Pass the parcel
  • Craft activities
  • Pop the balloons

7. Prepare delicious and appealing snacks

Kids are quite picky about food so make sure to offer not only tasty snacks but also party dishes that will catch their attention. Themed, colorful, and non-messy food will keep young guests happy and satisfied.

Here are some party food favorites to consider:

  • Mini sandwiches
  • Frankfurters
  • Carrot and celery sticks
  • Sausage rolls
  • Fairy bread
  • Fruit skewers

Try to prepare a mix of sweet and healthy foods, and serve them in a creative way to lure kids to the party table spread. Creatively shaped food, colorful platters, and themed plates will make eating much more fun.

Don’t forget the birthday cake as it’s the most important food item in the party. Make sure the cake is remarkable and reflects the theme of the party to make it an unforgettable memory for your child once he or she blows out the candles.

For a stress-free clean up after the celebration, consider hiring professional cleaners so that you can relax after a long day of entertaining guests.

The essence of the birthday party is to make your child happy.

Start your party preparations by asking your child what he or she wants to guarantee a successful birthday and happy memories to cherish forever.


In 2008, Managing Director and Founder of The Big Moo Events Lorate Hamzeh left a successful career in Human Resources to venture into the niche market of children’s entertainment. By introducing the UAE to Singing Telegrams, Lorate attracted the attention of the children’s entertainment market with a collection of fun mascots. Within a year, Lorate added children’s entertainers and bouncers to the company’s ever-growing list of services, and the rest was history.