The animator, the comic artist are most likely illustrators.


Artistic talent may be a debate if it’s in born or not but one thing is certain, it can be learned. Talent doesn’t really define it as inborn but something you are good at, and making something artistic out of nothing is amazing.

Michael Angelo, Da Vinci are some of the known illustrators and their ability to make something artistic that many people will still look up to even for a hundred or thousands years, still interpreting, still feeling the art and appreciating is amazing even for an artist.

But of course now artists have evolved in so many forms, tattoos, graffiti, digital artists and even the medium and the tools being used are different now too, you have drawing tablets, photoshop and the like. Now if you want to be an artist and be successful on it, you should be able to know not just the things that are comfortable like the paint, pencil, pens, papers, canvass and the like but also expand your capabilities in the digital arts because this is where all are going. The best thing about digital arts is that it can make art even more refined, highly editable, even printed in various canvasses and much easier to do with today’s tools.

Becoming an illustrator doesn’t mean you need to know how to draw on a very early age, even some good architects and digital artists learned them while they were studying, because yes it’s important that you know how to draw but the knowhow and the concept behind everything can be learned and that is something that you can’t learn on your early years.

Illustrator courses is also as good as our knowhow with the digital arts that is why the level of advancement are broken down in order to have a steady and efficient learning curve with the concept, process and skills enhancement.

Illustrator training courses

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