In every industrialized region the emissions by different factories and commercial units is a prime concern for environmentalists as well as by government bodies. Today the modern world has become aware of the need to regulate the emissions that come out of smokestacks and the kind of by-products that are being released in the air. While emissions cannot be eliminated, the focus lies in processing the gases being emitted before they are released into the atmosphere. This helps to reduce the potency of the gases and reduce the harm that these gases can cause to the environment.

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It has been found that most smokestacks release water vapor and carbon dioxide in the simplest of emissions from any factory. Usually nitrogen, oxygen as well as other pollutants is also spilt out into the air. The industrial furnace and smokestacks are coming under scrutiny to check the kind of pollutants being dispersed and the concentration in which they are done. The smokestacks were originally designed to help increase flow of air into industrial furnaces. Smokestacks are designed to create a difference in pressure of the air that is outside and the air that is heated in the furnace. Due to this pressure difference outside air is drawn in to increase flow of air to the furnace that is attached to the smokestack. This is known as the stack or the natural draft effect.

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