Would you like to increase the productivity of your business? Then it would be brilliant, cost effective and long-term beneficial for you to try out some office solutions in Singapore. There are actually a lot which you can choose from. For starters, you may look into Document Portals, Document Security Solutions and Print Management Solutions.

Check out their descriptions and how they’re useful for your venture:

Document Portals

Now you can align all our work flow and documents into a system, with the aid of a Document Portal Service as part of the top Office Solutions in Singapore. Aside from providing access only to authorized personnel, the Document Portal Service allows for scanned documents to support the recognized images through the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function.

Document Portals also have monitoring systems plus your preferred or customized reports may even be generated. It comes with multifunctional devices so you may further personalize your usage of each printing or scanning unit.

Document Security Solutions

Keep better track of your documents by availing of Document Security Solutions. Among the most sought after Office Solutions in Singapore, this tool lets you process many files which you’ve scanned and store them in as images. This should be great especially if you’ll precisely need to store and send some signed documents to your business partners.

This type of solution goes the extra mile since you can further log and monitor the conditions which have been set as you transmit various types of documents. Did you know some tools even have multilingual functionalities? This is done with the use of Optimal Character Recognition (OCR).

Print Management Solutions

Manage your entire printing system, so you can cut costs while staying efficient. This is made possible through having Print Management Solutions. As part of the top-most Office Solutions in Singapore, this one also involves a one-touch user authentication. This way, you’ll have better control of what gets printed with the use of your office’s assets.

You can also predetermine the users who can print on your selected units. For major printing activities, you can even issue temporary authentications to those who will be in charge  of disseminating pertinent documents throughout a project.

There are certainly a lot of options which you can consider when it comes to picking Office Solutions in Singapore. Be sure to give them a try and monitor how some of them can bring in improvements to your business today.