All businesses require dynamic staff members in order to achieve the company goals, and while this is always possible, it isn’t as easy as you might think. Outsourcing recruitment has been with us for a while now, and it does make sense, as it is more cost-effective and the quality of candidates is usually higher if a professional recruiter is brought in.

What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Simply put, flat fee recruitment means sourcing the right candidate for a fixed fee, regardless of how much work is involved. This is a much more attractive offer from the employer’s perspective, as there are no hidden charges, and with the recruitment company’s contacts, a wider range of candidates will be exposed to the offer. One of the leading organisations that offer this service can be found at, an online recruitment agency that specialises in filling management positions across a range of industries.

Specific Industry Job Boards

Some positions are industry specific and advertising them on any general media platform would not produce the expected results, whereas a reliable online recruitment agency would have access to specific industry job boards, and this is where the best people look when they want a career change. Sourcing the right people is critical, and with specific industries, you need to post on the right boards, if you want to attract the best candidates.

A Range of Services

A modern online recruitment agency would offer employers a range of services, which might include the following,

  • Social media exposure
  • CV screening
  • CV database search
  • Pre-screening by telephone
  • Interview arrangement
  • Offer management

The most important thing from an employer’s perspective is that they have a level of control, and with the right recruiter, the hard work is taken out of the selection process, leaving the employer with a shortlist of the better candidates.

Multiple Vacancies

With a flat fee recruitment agency, it is possible to fill multiple openings under one fixed fee, which is very cost-effective for the employer.


Moving in the Right Circles

When dealing with industry specific jobs, it isn’t easy to reach the right people. Gone are the days when you could advertise for a marketing executive in the local newspaper, and career minded people will always look at the best job offers, even if they have no immediate plans to make a career change. Reaching the right people is half the battle, and with the ad placed on all the right job boards, you will receive maximum coverage across multiple platforms. The most critical component of any business in the people who work there, so don’t take second best, and make sure the position is advertised in the right places. Years of hands-on experience means your position will be filled by the right candidate, someone who will bring a strong set of skills to the team and help guide the company towards its goals.

Flat fee recruitment offers so much to any employer, and by partnering with a reliable agency, your staff requirements will always be filled by the best people, empowering the business and helping you to reach your targets.