Inflatables have been a staple of outdoor events and backyard parties for decades. Youngsters of all ages love to bounce, slide, hop, and climb on inflatables. Inflatable products like bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses help transform events into memorable experiences filled with endless hours of fun.

Among commercial-grade inflatable products, the wet and dry slides produced by Jump With Joy stand out from the pack. These industrial-grade inflatable slides are versatile, stylish, and built to last. Here, we’ll take a look at several models and show why these wet & dry inflatable slides are the very best in the inflatables industry.

Jump With Joy Inflatable Wet & Dry Slides

Jump With Joy produces dozens of models of wet or dry inflatable slides. They are ideal for summertime outdoor events ranging from large festivals to corporate gatherings and even neighborhood birthday parties. Among the many models to choose from, several innovative and colorful designs stand out. The Mega Slide USA is a crowd-pleasing favorite, incorporating two separate slide lanes joined in the middle by a central access ramp leading to the top of the inflated assembly. This model is decorated with a patriotic theme; red, white, and blue vinyl fabric is adorned with printed star to give it a unique look. It’s a great choice for Independence Day parties and festivals.

A tropical theme is a common element in a number of the Jump With Joy water slides. Customers can choose from single- or double-lane models. One of the favorites in this range is the Tropical Dual Lane Slide, which was designed from the ground up to provide many hours of enjoyment. This towering model stands 16 feet high at the tops of its decorative inflatable palm trees. The slide has two individual curved slide lanes and a splash pool that joins both lanes together. Brightly-colored vinyl fabric and those adorable decorative palm trees set this one apart from its competitors.

Some of the inflatable slide models can be used in wet or dry operation, such as when weather conditions aren’t favorable. When the weather is cool, use the slide dry – when it heats up, simply add the included splash pool to the base of the slide for slippery thrills.

The Jump With Joy Difference

What makes Jump With Joy products the industry leaders when it comes to inflatables? There are many elements that are hallmarks of Jump With Joy products, including their design, construction, and materials. The company’s designers work overtime to develop festive themes and innovative shapes. From castle-themed bouncers to tropical-styled inflatable water slides and everything in between, the designers have created a range of products that can suit any party.

Construction of the inflatable products begins right in the company’s California-based manufacturing facility. The company is known for its attention to detail and its exacting construction standards. Every piece of the inflatable is optimized for performance, and every stitch and reinforcement helps ensure that the products will last for many years of tough use.

Finally, the materials Jump With Joy chooses to construct its industrial-grade inflatable products are the very best on the market. The vinyl fabric used in all of the company’s inflatables is durable and colorfast, giving it the ability to withstand environmental exposure and children’s horseplay for years. The vinyl is of the highest quality and is available in a rainbow of colors. Those bright colors really bring the inflatables to life. All inflatables are sewn with multiple anchor points and reinforcement panels using the same vinyl material. For window openings and safety panels, the company chooses a snag-resistant fine gauge mesh material that is finger-friendly and tough enough to handle years of use.

The end result of all this careful attention to detail and high-quality materials are inflatable products built to stand the test of time. Jump With Joy continues to be a leader in the commercial inflatables industry.