Nowadays you will find in almost all kinds of industry, corrugated packaging boards are extensively used. Following are few good reasons for their popularity –

  • Economic
  • Versatile
  • Robust
  • Light
  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Practical and dynamic material for packaging

That is the reason this material is accepted globally for all kinds of applications and providing global solutions.

Corrugated materials are such that it can be easily cut to any sizes and can be folded to prepare for box delivery of any kind of sizes or shapes depending upon the item to packed inside it. You can also write on it, print on it as any kinds of logo or graphics can be printed on these boards. Out of this material, you can create such a packaging that can protect the item packed in such box during transit, it can also be easily identified by printing or marking on them, and you can ship it any place around the world very economically.

These corrugated boards can be easily customized for any particular business or application, you can provide any kind of coating, you can use any kind of adhesive to paste any labels. Also, these corrugated boards are quite environment friendly that can be recycled and recovered. In many cases they can also be reused.

Corrugated boards are available in different thicknesses and grades. Each grade represents certainly level of quality. Nowadays this material is considered to be one of the best material for shipping different kinds of goods. One can print any kind of marketing message on the packing boxes that can work as silent sales man for any company or its product.

Basically, its main ingredients are papers that are made from cellulose fibers that can either be virgin or recycled. Therefore, it is a natural product and does not contain any harmful chemicals.  These boards are usually formed by 2 sheets of paper which are called liners. This liner is glued to the inner medium which is called fluting. These 3 layers are assembled so that it gives much better strength as compared to any individual layer. The flute portion provides proper air circulation and also insulates from the outside temperature.

There are different corrugated boards with different sizes of flute and they are of different sizes meant for different kind of packaging application.

Corrugated boards are so designed that it can withstand lots of side pressures, crush and impacts. It also provides high tensile strength and can withstand the pressures during shipping. It can also protect against vibrations.