Corporate gift in Singapore is a popular thing, it might even be a cultural thing for the guys in corporate.


This is because it’s common for corporate to give corporate gifts especially in Singapore. People here are workaholic if there is such a word here, the bar is really high for work ethics and some expats who works here can attest to that. It’s about work, progression, promotions, making money and industry around here.

Where do corporate gifts come into this? They come in the form of events, parties, rewards and recognitions, raffles and even just for any celebration (well the part where they give it away). People might not talk about it and it’s one of the great, clever and even a no brainer idea to make people know that they are important, being recognized and rewarded for their hard work and as a form of thank you for attending the said event.

Companies never realized that even their neighboring and their competitors are doing it not just now but for many years, even decades and companies kept doing it that they never realized that it already became a culture for them

No secrets,all business

Even if it’s an old way you would expect that people gets fed up with it, but your wrong, there is no secrete here why it survived the years of being, it’s just the way their business model is, they are good with adapting to the ever changing times that is why regardless if it will be another 10 years or more their business will still exists because they can always adjust to the times by making use of new innovations that can be used by the modern employee. I’m talking about gadgets that are highly usable these days, these are the things that people look forward to now aside from the staple giveaways like pens and mugs. If you need a great corporate gift in Singapore Edmaro got you covered with that. They have the widest selections of highly customizable, quality and up to date items that your employees, clients, stake holders and shareholders will surely love. They have a reputation for providing quality items on time and every time.