In recent times, it has been found that Chinese is the most widely spoken languages all over the world. On an average, around 1,197,000,000 people speak various dialects of Chinese, and of these, about 873,000 people speak Mandarin Chinese. This makes the percentage of the global population that can speak Chinese a whopping 14%, which is really no surprise, considering the number of countries in which the language is spoken. Countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Philippines, Mongolia and even Singapore have a large percentage of people who speak Chinese as either a first or a second language. Even Koreans and Japanese have begun to learn Chinese as their second and sometimes even third language.

Learn Mandarin language

The decision to learn Mandarin Chinese may well be the best decision one can make as a citizen of Singapore, as it is slowly becoming one of the most popular languages in the world. It is no secret that China is home to some of the biggest business conglomerates in the world, and if one is planning on doing business with any of these business giants, knowledge of the language can be of great help. Not only does it show one’s sincerity, it also shows that one has respect for the culture of his clients or business partners. This can go a long way in helping people achieve the success that they want.

In Singapore, it is also very common for students to learn Mandarin Chinese as knowledge of this language can help them get into universities of their choice. Today, the competition is very high and those who have the most promise, are the ones who get success.

Knowledge of foreign language not only looks impressive on one’s resume, but is also useful in daily practical life, with the recent surge in globalization. Thus, learning Mandarin can be of great help.