When you want to expand your brand and increase the number of people who see the name of your business each day, you need to consider local advertising. The face of marketing has significantly changed in the last decade and companies have begun capitalising on social media platforms and other new players on the market. While there is no disputing that advertising in this area is a great idea, you may do your business a disservice if you focus on it to the exclusion of all other options.

Local marketing is a tried-and-true way to reach consumers and it can help you create a huge amount of excitement for your business. Whether you are a national brand or a single-location company, local advertising may be just what you need to reach a relevant audience and increase your location’s foot traffic. If you are unsure of the merits associated with this decision, simply consider the reasons other businesses make it their business to use this opportunity.

Relevant Audience

Local advertising in the UK is a way to concentrate your marketing efforts on a local audience that is more likely to visit your physical location. Although marketing online and through other means is exceptionally helpful, you never know how far away someone may be when he or she sees your advertisement. When posting online, be sure to make every advertisement state the location of your business or a link to your website.

Make Yourself Known

Local marketing will allow you to branch out to those in your community who may not know about your company. This is especially true if you only recently opened your doors to the public and need to spread your brand around. Advertising at local petrol stations is one such idea as people are always in need of petrol. Once they begin to recognise your logo, you are more likely to be their first thought when they need the services or products you offer. When you are new to an area, the best decision you can make for your business is to make yourself known to the local populace.

Community Goodwill

When you spend money locally and invest in local businesses, you create community goodwill. Recent economic struggles hit small businesses more heavily than they do national companies, and you do your part to support the local small businesses when you advertise at their locations. It may be a great idea to sponsor local children’s events, such as a young football match.


Consider these sponsorships another type of investment into your business, as people who attend such events are three times as likely to visit your establishment. Often, your investment is returned in a matter of days or weeks, making it a matter of course to take part in community affairs as a business. Happy clients want to trust your business and local advertising is a way to show them that you are trustworthy and reputable.

Save Money

It is more cost-effective to use local advertising strategies than it is to advertise nationally. Not only do you reach an audience more able to physically visit your business, but you save enough money to focus on other business investments.