Manitou is a popular brand that manufactures a wide range of heavy equipments like forklifts, telehandlers, buckets, high-pressure cleaners, excavators, clamps, sweepers, cranes, mining attachments, concrete skips and more. The company was established in the year 1958 and over these years it has succeeded in maintaining its high-quality manufacturing standards. The company also provides spare parts that are specially designed for various types of Manitou machinery. These spare parts are fully compliant and exhibit high-quality performance. The company has 8 international distribution centers that are located in Singapore, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, the USA, Italy, and France.  Customers can place orders for their spare parts through an authorized dealer and can expect their delivery within 24 to 48 hours. Manitou’s dealer networks offer prompt service and they also send their authorized technicians for fixing the parts. The technical assistance offered by Manitou is quite exceptional and this encourages their customers to be loyal to the brand.

Procuring affordable Manitou spare parts

  • If you require Manitou equipments and supplies you need to order them through authorized dealers in your city. You can search online to find the dealer locations. If you buy from unauthorized dealers, they would quote a higher price.
  • You can also check for dealers that offer used Manitou spare parts that come in very cheap price ranges. These parts are removed from old machinery and equipments. However, you need to check the parts for their functionality before installing them on your machines.
  • It is always safe to buy Manitou equipments and parts from an authorized dealer. There are several suppliers who trade in counterfeit equipments. These equipments look quite similar to the original ones and it is rather difficult to differentiate them.
  • If you purchase spare parts in bulk quantities, you may receive better discounts from reputed dealers.