There was the time, when directory was the book of contact numbers. And people used to keep it with them, just to seek contact information of people. But, as the time changed, the directory also took the new shape and design. After the traditional directory, a new form of directory came in, which used to contain the contact details along with some information about the person. After that, the business directory came in, and now it is the time of business information book. This is the most advance forms of the traditional directory. In the business information book, not only the contact details are shared but also the business information is published.

One can say it is like a complete guidebook for any type of business. For e.g. if the book belongs marine industry, then it will not only have the contact details of oil & gas equipment suppliers in Malaysia, but also it will have the contacts of other supplier.

Other advantages of these information books are

  • One will get latest information about everything from lubricants to oil and gas


In the business information book, one gets the knowledge about latest happenings in the business through the articles published in it.

  • Information about the business competitors

As said earlier, the business information book is the advance version of traditional director, thus it contains details about all the service providers. And these details include the contact information of service providers, services offered by them and the status of their business.

So, these are some of the advantages that one gets from the business information book of any field. To know more about its benefits, have a look on of the book related to your business area.