One of the leading law firms in the UK has launched a brand new HR advice line service, providing businesses with a chance to gain instant access to support and guidance relating to employment law and other specialist knowledge within the sector. Aaron & Partners LLP has created the HR Flexi service to assist business owners and those with the role of HR case manager within a business that are searching for advice and guidance on all legal matters relating to employment.

The online guides offer a range of support for a HR case manager, including training courses, guidance and assistance in settlement agreements, general employment law and full audit of HR documents. The processes for HR departments have to be thorough and effective, and the legal side of matters can be complex if left unlooked at. Developing an online portal for the HR advice line was important to the firm as it meant that there was easy access for anyone requiring the assistance with HR legal protocol at a time where there are many changes coming into force within the industry.

From May 25th 1018 the whole country will have to adhere to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Failure to comply with the new rules could lead to businesses being hit with large fines. From small businesses up to large, international corporations, the changes coming into play have meant a drastic look at many different types of processes within a business, the way data is collected and stored and the issue of consent from employees and customers over the data that is held.

The shakeup is the biggest of its kind in a generation and has companies of all sizes flapping to put the correct processes in place prior to the deadline. It is thought that many industries just aren’t ready for the changes and with the threat of hefty fines for those found to be in breach of the GDPR, it is a worrying thought. The new GDPR is a requirement for all businesses that operate with customers within the EU, so even though Britain is leaving the European Union next year, the GDPR still applies. One of the issues facing companies is to gain new and explicit consent from those individuals where data has been collected and stored by a company.

Helen Watson, who is the Head of Employment Law at Aaron & Partners, said:“We’re delighted to announce the launch of HR Flexi, which offers tailor-made, flexible support to meet the specific needs of businesses of all sizes. We’ve introduced this comprehensive service following feedback from HR managers and business owners who we know would benefit from one-to-one employment law advice with the added flexibility of an online portal.”

The HR-flexi service aims to give the modern HR case manager everything they need to understand the legal implication of all processes related to employment. It allows them to access important information and guidance from any location, offering prompt and commercially focused support for a large number of legal queries. The development of a new service aiming to assist HR departments across the country with demands such as employment law and the new GDPR regulations will go some way to easing the stresses and strains that company bosses face on a daily basis.